Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The words innovation and entrepreneurship cause confusion when addressing what leadership qualities are required to foster both.  The two concepts have mutually shared features and meanings.  An entrepreneur is someone who creates something new or different, transmuting or changing values, shifting resources from low to high productivity .  Correspondingly, innovation is, “driven by the ability to see connections, to spot opportunities and to take advantage of them”.  Innovation can range from incremental through to radical product, process, position or paradigm change and is about reshaping the status quo to create value .  One is an innovator if they, through entrepreneurial activities, have found utility for their invention in a market stating that innovation is the knowledge base of entrepreneurship.  An individual can be both, but it’s generally the purview of entrepreneurial start-ups with established organisations relying on people networks.

From Team Eclators organisational context, the term intrapreneur means an intra-corporate entrepreneur who take ideas to reality and whose absence decreases innovation possibilities .